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TLTR; TypeScript

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TLTR; TypeScript

Nicos Tsourektsidis
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A course for JavaScript developers who seek to master type checking.

The course is ✍️ work in progress. It’s not yet completed. I’m releasing learning materials and platform features in short increments.

You can pay as much as you want to enroll. There's a premium⚱️tier for people who want to support my work.

I designed this course from the ground up. With 📺 video tutorials, 📑 articles, 💻 coding challenges, and more 💎 surprises are coming along the way. Pretty soon you will find 🎒 workshops to help you practice what you're learning. Basically everything you need to triumph during your 😎 tech interview.

It targets all levels., from juniors to leads. Just choose what you want to study first. We'll start with the basics, reviewing fundamental JavaScript quirky behaviors. I'll teach you how to avoid them by using TypeScript. Trust me, everything will make sense to you after watching that part of the course.

Wouldn't be great if you were able to read and understand every TypeScript file? We'll get there! I will present you the most advanced TypeScript features. I will share my mental model to help you understand how everything is connected. You'll learn how to structure your apps in ways you never imagined. That's your ticket to become a TypeScript 🎖 Pro.

At the end of this course you will learn how to apply best practices and make the right design decisions. It's our duty to write high 👌 quality code.

Join me in this learning journey and become a better software 🧑🏿‍💻 engineer.

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